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Apni Story

Established in 2011, at the age of 16, Gurpreet was able to combine her creativity and art skills and kick-start her journey to discover the beautiful art of mehndi. After 10 years of practicing the art of Mehndi, Gurpreet took the leap to resign from her full time Career in Finance in 2021 to follow her passion and becoming a Full Time International Mehndi Artist based in London, UK.


The brand Apni Mehndi was founded in April 2023, to introduce the product line for the formally ‘Mehndi by Gurps’.

Fast forward to September 2023, Gurpreet decided to make the big move and relocate to Vancouver, Canada and is now based in South Surrey, BC. 

Through the inspiration of many artists around the world, she was able to discover different styles of mehndi and stumbled upon what she was capable of. After many practice sessions, she fell in love with detailed shapes, fine gridwork lines and intricate floral designs, and realised her skillset is quite versatile to cover so many different styles of mehndi designs from around the world.


Gurps is able to improvise and always tries her very best to capture the vision of a design brief from clients. It is imperative to Gurps that clients are comfortable and happy with the design process and are happy with the final result, particularly bridal clients. The goal is to deliver an enjoyable and memorable mehndi experience to look back on. Gurps challenges and prides herself on being able to work fast as an artist without compromising on design, prioritising quality above all else.

"With the support of my family, friends, and clients, I am able to stand where I am today and say I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my journey so far. I have learnt so many valuable lessons and I look forward to what the future brings me." - Gurps

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